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“Nature has endowed us with many abilities: these must be developed, and not only developed but used.”

(Absorbent Mind: xiii, pg 175)

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MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet is South Africa’s biggest community support programme which raises funds for schools and charities in order to improve education and social development. MySchool allows anyone to raise funds for their favourite school or charity. It really is so easy!

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How does MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet work?

  1. Get a free card online or simply phone 0860 100 445. You can also get a card at any Woolworths store.
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Benefits of having a MySchool Card:

  1. Raise funds without it costing you a cent!
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Contact MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet:

Website: www.myschool.co.za
E-mail Client Services: cs@myschool.co.za
Telephone: 0860 100 445
Fax: 0866 822 833

Apply Now for MySchool Card

Apply for Your MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet Card
It's free! Get the card and get swiping to make a difference. Or call 0860 100 445 to apply.

Find local partners in your area
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Every Swipe Counts!

My School - Application Form

My School - Application Form

My School - Info letter

My School - Info letter

More About Zonkie

By Zonkie Montessori is dit vir ons belangrik om kinders lus te maak om meer te weet – as hulle in verwondering staan oor wat hulle rondom hulle in die skepping opmerk, het ons in ons doel geslaag!

Ons besef dat ‘n mens nie net vir n kind se kop nie, maar ook vir sy hartjie skoolhou. Ons observeer  en help elke kind  om sy beste te lewer gegewe sy spesifieke omstandighede.

Ons glo dat daar n balans moet wees tussen werk en speel.  

‘n Kind leer net soveel deur te speel as deur te werk:  dit is juis in spel waar mens leer wanneer om jammer  te sê en dat dit die beste is om handjies te vat en saam te staan!

At Zonkie Montessori it is important to us to lead children to be aware of wonder – if they marvel at the world around them, then we have succeeded!

We also know that one teaches a person’s heart and not his head...we observe the child and help him perform his best in his particular set of circumstances.

We believe that there must be a balance between working with the materials and playing. A child learns as much from playing as from working: this is where you learn to say you’re sorry and that it is best to hold hands and stick together!

Welkom By Zonkie

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